With an overactive hurricane season, 2017 brought devastation across the Gulf Coast and north along the Atlantic seaboard. The year saw a total of seventeen tropical storms, of which ten became hurricanes. Ending a 12-year span, where not one hurricane made landfall in the United States, hurricanes Harvey and Irma broke the streak and caused billions of dollars in property damage. They also left policyholders wondering how their deductibles would apply after the wind died down. The difference between a tropical storm and a hurricane is only a few miles per hour in wind speed. In the insu

For millions of years, mold has been a part of the environment. As mankind became more civilized, people became more concerned about the possible negative health effects of living with mold. In fact, the Bible even references mold as being “unclean.” Although we have been exposed to mold from the very beginning, the financial impact of mold contamination has increased dramatically in recent years. For anyone who owns, occupies, manages, maintains, or builds any type of structure, the risk of financial loss has significantly increased. What is Mold? Scientifically speaking, mold is

Every day, more and more employers are turning to independent contractors. The construction industry used to be the most common type of business where independent contractors were found. However, in today’s gig economy, nearly any aspect of one’s business can be outsourced. From marketing to management, the growth of the internet has allowed high-level activities, which used to require an onsite presence, to be performed remotely. It is now even possible to hire your own assistant, virtually. The question becomes if any of your outsourced partners are employees, and therefore covered un

Bars and restaurants are not the only businesses that need to be concerned about liability related to liquor exposures. Even if your organization is not in the “liquor business,” it isn’t unusual to have alcohol served at company functions. Guests who drink too much at your holiday party, open house, or summer picnic and later cause an accident, may leave you contending with a liquor liability lawsuit. In the worst-case scenario, someone may lose their life. It is estimated the average cost of wrongful death lawsuits is $500,000 according to the Insurance Information Institute. Det

Late one Friday afternoon, John was wrapping up his week when he received an email from his boss. The email detailed that their most recent project was nearing completion and he provided account information for wiring payment to their contractor. Excited for tonight’s big game and not wanting to stay one minute longer than he had to, John went ahead and made the requested $16,000 transfer. The following week, the accounting department at John’s company came across the payment when reconciling their most recent transactions. Not having received any notification from John or his boss, acc