If your company stores data and information digitally, you should have a cyber risk management program that addresses prevention, disclosure, crisis management and insurance coverage in the event of a data breach. Good cyber risk management requires the planning and execution of all four of these components. Develop Strategies to Prevent a Data Breach Your data breach prevention strategies may include encrypting all devices used by your employees, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Encrypting these devices will prevent unauthorized access if a device is lost or stolen. Unencrypted

  Did You Know? According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, staged accidents cost the insurance industry about $20 billion a year. Those losses get passed on to all of us in the form of higher insurance rates—at an average of $100 to $300 extra per month. STAGED AUTO ACCIDENT FRAUD Here are some scams to look out for: The Drive Down: You’re attempting to merge when another driver waves you forward. Instead of letting you in, he slams into your car. The driver will deny ever motioning you. The Swoop and Squat: The first car “swoops” in while another “squ

  The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB), also known as the Financial Modernization Act of 1999, was enacted to control the ways that financial institutions deal with their customers’ nonpublic personal information (NPI). Under the GLB Act, financial institutions are required to: Ensure customers’ NPI is properly protected (Financial Privacy Rule) Develop a written information security plan that describes their program to protect customer information (Safeguards Rule) Protect customers from individuals and companies that collect their NPI under false pretenses (Pretexting Rule

  It’s not uncommon for rental car agencies to offer you the opportunity to purchase additional auto coverages on your rental, but do you need them? We have the answers! Why Car Rental Insurance? The best time to make the decision about whether you will need extra rental car insurance is before you’re standing at the car rental counter. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), or Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), relieves you of financial responsibility if your rental car is damaged or stolen. If you have comprehensive and collision on your own car, you most likely do not need to purchase C

“Phishing,” a type of cyber attack in which a hacker disguises him- or herself as a trusted source online in order to acquire sensitive information, is a common and technologically simple scam that can put your employees and business at risk. However, more resourceful criminals are resorting to a modified and more sophisticated technique called “spear phishing,” in which they use personal information to pose as colleagues or other sources specific to individuals or businesses. A spear phishing attack is often disguised as a message from a close friend or business partner and is more