Congratulations on your new home. Buying a home is never something to enter lightly. There are many legal issues to consider, such as the real estate contract, insurance needs, and the mortgage contract. Here, we will focus mostly on the homeowner’s insurance policy and the exclusions for which you may or may not be familiar. While homeowner’s insurance is necessary, especially if you have a mortgage, and extremely helpful in helping you cover major issues as they occur with your home, there are exclusions. Some of the exclusions are expected. However, some are unexpected and can catch

Once again, it is time for school to be back in session and that includes first-year college students. If you have a student that is headed off to the local university, and they are currently on your auto insurance policy as an insured driver, you both may have some questions concerning their coverage once they leave home. There are a few things that parents of college-age kids need to be aware of when it comes to auto insurance. Those include the potential discounts your student could be eligible for, which may cause your premium to go down. You should also find out if any changes need to

It doesn't matter if you're ripping along the waves at the helm of your speedboat or enjoying a wild ride on an inner tube behind a powerboat, it's important to know that your watercraft is covered if an accident occurs. The Difference between Power Boats and Other Vessels Power boats are considered the sports cars of the boating world for boaters that are looking for high speeds and precision handling to cut through inland waters or at sea. What sets these boats apart from other watercraft is their specially designed hull and large motor, making boat insurance a must. Some may think

With fall just around the corner, now is the perfect time for homeowners to prepare for the onset of colder weather. Changing temperatures, unfavorable weather conditions, and natural deterioration can lead to expensive repairs. Autumn is the ideal time to check your homeowner's insurance policy and update your coverage. Additionally, there are a few more preparations to consider that can help you save time and money before the holiday season begins. Prepare Heating and Fireplaces As autumn approaches, you'll be thinking about turning on the heating and lighting up the fireplace. To ensure y

Homeowners Insurance protects us from many emergency situations, natural disasters, and theft. However, every policy has its limitations and exclusions. Add-ons, also called endorsements, floaters, and riders, help fill in the gaps. Endorsements allow homeowners to expand existing coverage where they need it most. Insurance policy add-ons allow homeowners to expand the list of covered perils in their coverage. For a small increase in premiums, policyholders can include benefits that were previously excluded from the policy. We'll look at some of the most beneficial endorsements to further p