Traveling is an exciting hobby that allows us to learn more about different cultures while we discover brand new places. It doesn’t matter if you visit far-away lands or if you enjoy taking a road trip to the neighboring city for the weekend, we can all enjoy the fun and thrills that go along with being a tourist. Although going away on vacation is meant to be a pleasant and peaceful adventure, unfortunate things can happen at any time. Health issues, sudden trip cancellations, and emergency evacuations can occur when we least expect them. That is why it’s crucial for any avid tourist t

Whether it’s a small backwater runabout or a 100-foot mega-yacht, owning a boat for most of us means freedom. It is the freedom to explore the open seas or search for that hidden fishing hole. Tall sails to powerboats, one thing is certain, boat ownership comes with its own set of liabilities and exposures. Fortunately, many insurance companies can provide the protection you need. Boat insurance can provide coverage for acts of nature, such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Stolen boat? No problem. Fire, freezing, and lightning are also common perils covered by boat insurance. But boat acci

Whether you own your own business, lease office space, or work from home, protecting your workspace is important. You want to make sure that you have the right amount of insurance to protect your assets without breaking the bank. Commercial property insurance is one way to ensure the safety and functioning of your business, should an accident or other unforeseen event occur. Your physical space is essential to the work you do, and without it, your business can suffer. When emergencies or natural disasters occur, your physical space could be compromised. You want to make sure that you can fi

It was 1979. Disco was on the way out and “no-fault” insurance was on the way in. In an effort to reduce the adversarial nature of the claims process, Florida adopted a new concept in insurance at the time called “no-fault” coverage. The concept was simple. “No-fault” insurance was invented to reduce the friction between the insured and the insurance company. In addition, it provides coverage regardless of who was to blame. By eliminating the back-and-forth previously required to receive payment to cover medical bills, “no-fault” focused on proving money quickly for medical

Homeowners who live in regions that are often in the path of destructive storms and hurricanes usually take specific safety measures to protect their family and their property. You may have an emergency plan for severe weather conditions already in place. These plans include gathering everyone together in a safe place, bringing along a first aid kit, or storing up water and non-perishable food items. While having an emergency safety plan can be useful, as a homeowner, you should also have the right type of insurance coverage on your property to protect your investment. Some people bel