Homeowners Insurance protects us from many emergency situations, natural disasters, and theft. However, every policy has its limitations and exclusions. Add-ons, also called endorsements, floaters, and riders, help fill in the gaps. Endorsements allow homeowners to expand existing coverage where they need it most. Insurance policy add-ons allow homeowners to expand the list of covered perils in their coverage. For a small increase in premiums, policyholders can include benefits that were previously excluded from the policy. We'll look at some of the most beneficial endorsements to further p

Renters Insurance is a three-part policy designed to protect tenants, their families, and their belongings in a variety of circumstances. Coverage normally includes liability, personal property, and additional living expenses protection. These policies protect tenants in a covered peril, which typically includes fires, water damage, theft, or vandalism. Renters Insurance compliments Landlords Insurance by protecting both parties. Landlords Insurance typically covers structural repairs, flood damage, natural disasters, and liability insurance for the property owner. However, Landlords Insura

Your small business is likely your greatest asset. Small businesses can own property and vehicles, but it is the business’s ability to generate income which matters most. And in today’s litigious world, even the smallest lawsuit can bring your business to a grinding halt. Every day, your business faces possible legal liability to another person or business due an accident or negligence. If a lawsuit for bodily injury or property damage were brought against you, a General Liability insurance policy would be there to protect you. What is Covered General Liability policies cover a br

Extreme weather and wildfires caused 2017 to be the costliest year for United States disaster relief. The hurricane region experienced three significant storms; Harvey, Irma, and Maria, while residents on the West Coast dealing with record-breaking wildfires that destroyed homes, businesses, and natural resources. Plus, there were also many other natural disasters that took place, including flooding, tornadoes, and severe storms with harsh winds. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, these disasters cost a total of $306 billion in damages. There were 16 natural d

For those who have lived in a hurricane-prone area for any length of time, you likely are on a first name basis with at least one storm. Whether it was Donna or Irma, Andrew or Harvey, one thing is certain; homeowners quickly learned the limitations of their insurance policy. There are many areas of the Southeast United States who have not experienced a landfalling hurricane in many years. If you live in one of these locations or moved to a recently struck town, understanding hurricane insurance is an important step in protecting one of your most valuable assets - your home. Hurricane In