Life insurance has interesting applications beyond protecting dependents and loved ones. It can be used as a savings tool, retirement investment, and even for charitable gift giving. The best time to purchase a life insurance policy is as soon as possible. As individuals get older, life insurance becomes more expensive. It’s prudent to plan and get educated about the many uses of a life insurance policy. Here are some of the best times to buy life insurance: As a Young Adult It is difficult for those in their 20s to see the benefits of purchasing an insurance policy while they are y

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are a prized possession for millions of Americans. They allow families to enjoy economical vacations whether exploring the country or just the local campground. While vacationing in an RV is often cheaper than many hotels on a per-night basis, RVs have a number of costs that do not go away once the fun is over. Maintenance is required to keep your RV operating in tip-top shape. Then there are the costs associated with off-season storage, including winterizing and storage fees. But the one cost where there may be an opportunity to save a few dollars during the off

Mistakes can be costly in life, and it’s no different when considering an auto insurance policy. When you have the wrong insurance, you will pay more than you should. The extra cost will be seen in either the monthly premium or when you go to file a claim. It’s important to research your options well and read all the fine print. Here are five mistakes to avoid before settling on your vehicle insurance. 1- Not asking for discounts If you do not ask for discounts that could be available, you could be missing out on one that fits your situation. Remember to ask about discounts such as:

If you run a business, you need Commercial Property insurance, no questions about it. Whether you lease your space, own your building, or work from home commercial property coverage is essential. Especially for small businesses that may not have the cash flow to replace a location, equipment, or precious inventory if a fire or other unforeseen event occurred. Commercial Property Insurance Explained Commercial property insurance provides protection for your business’ tangible assets against events like fire, explosion, storms, burst pipes, vandalism, and theft.  Let's say you lease you

When people think of workers compensation, they often think of difficult jobs like mining, construction, or another job that carries the highest amount of risk for the people who work there. While every job contains some amount of risk, there are other jobs where location, equipment, and the work being done can increase the risk of employee injury. Workers compensation is employee compensation for medical benefits, wage replacement, and other potential compensation if they are injured on the job. By accepting workers compensation benefits, employees agree to not sue their employers for negl